Showcase your property

We provide full motion videography/photography videos that create emotion not just for the seller but also for the viewer. This could increase viewings allowing the possibility of selling your home faster. Full motion video gives the prospective buyer a chance to see your home as they would in person which allows them to see the flow of the room, how the rooms connect and gives a more accurate representation than still images.

Traditional videos are boring

Traditional video is BORING, static non-moving tripod shots can give off a homemade amateur look, cinematic full motion video creates emotion and shows the natural movement throughout your home.

We use the necessary tools to create stunning property tours that will help you meet your end goal... TO SELL.

Our Equipment

Professional three axes gimbal.

Phantom 4.

Nikon and Panasonic 4k DSLRs

Wide angle lenses.

Video editing/colour correction software.

Combining Aerial and Full Motion Videography

Combining Aerial and Full Motion Videography

Providing purchasers with full motion video experience gives them an invaluable insight into your property, now add aerial video footage into the equation and you have an unrivalled marketing combination that gives your property the wow factor and makes your property stand out from the crowd.

Example videos